Drumroll please!!!!!

I am inordinately self-satisfied and ridiculously excited to announce that coqui project that occupied my every waking moment as an undergraduate senior is published in the October issue of the Journal of Biogeography!!! Hooray! After cleaning up my lab space and taking a final count on all of the materials (not to mention time) spent on completing the lab work, my advisor and I sat down to write the manuscript all summer and into fall.  After being sent back to the drawing board for massive and then minor changes that included another analysis and complete concept restructuring, the paper was accepted.  The whole writing-get sent back for revisions-writing again-resubmitting process was very educational.  And kind of mind numbing at times. But we got it done!! A few people (not including my mom) have even requested copies of it!  Like I said; inordinately self-satisfied.

You can find the article here:


And, oh, by the way…that snazzy looking coqui frog on the COVER of the issue?  Yeah.  I took that. 😀

E. coqui


Ok, I’m done bragging now.  Back to my current research project…


One thought on “Drumroll please!!!!!

  1. We want to hear about your current experience (Flies!!!!!)

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